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  • How quickly can you deliver a skip?
    Our normal notice period is one day, however skips can sometimes be delivered same day if a driver is available.

    What do your skip hire prices include?
    The basic skip hire price includes drop-off, pick-up and disposal of waste. The standard hire period is 7 days but can be usually be extended if needed. We can provide a specific price for single waste types eg soils/hardcore.

    Which skip size should I choose?
    This depends on what you’re going to put in it:

    8 yard large skip – large residential building projects
    12 yard maxi skip – bulky waste, no rubble/soil/concrete allowed
    14 yard maxi skip – bulky waste, no rubble/soil/concrete allowed
    20 yard container - bulky waste
    25 yard container - bulky waste
    40 yard container – bulky waste, no rubble/soil/concrete allowed

    How much room does a skip need?
    General skips will need a space approximately 9 feet wide – about 7 feet for the skip plus a foot each side for access. Normally the space required to park a car (e.g. your driveway) is wide enough for a skip.

    What can’t I put in my skip?
    Hazardous waste must be disposed of separately and cannot be placed in our skips. These include the following:

    Batteries  Asbestos   Solvents  Gas bottles   Paint /oils  Liquids  Clinical waste 
    TVs/computer screens  Fluorescent tubes Fridges/freezers

    Do I need a Council skip permit?
    Not if your skip will be located on private land. But if you’d like your skip to be placed on a road, pavement or other public space, you’ll need one. Prices are set by local councils and vary across the UK. At the point of booking, we can either arrange this for you or advise you how to proceed.

    How much will be recycled?
    This depends on the type of waste in your skip. Our recycling rates are high and are constantly increasing, so you can be sure that we will do our utmost to divert your waste from landfill.

    I have another question, can you help?
    Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!